Professional Websites

I have been making websites since 1998 and have been completely self-taught. When I started creating this site, I learned a lot about Flash and scripting, so as of now, my specialty is not just making websites, it's making websites that are easy for their owners to update. Take for example:

On the surface, it is an easy-to-navigate gallery page containing huge amounts of paintings, but behind the scenes here is some really cool code. In order for the owner to be able to operate the updating process himself easily, without the need for any FTP-ing or any complicated table reorganizing, I created the following interface for updating the website:

The update interface is also password-protected so only the owner of the site can update it. This interface wouldn't only be good for visual arts galleries, but basically ANY website that has changing content!

Also, for low-cost, great web hosting, I'm your man too. Through, I am able to sell you the same package I have for my website ($99.00/year) for only $75.00 per year! It doesn't get much better than that. Contact me for more details about this webhosting deal.

I'm definitely interested in doing YOUR website! Contact me if you're interested.

Help With Existing Websites

Have a website that you're having trouble with and you can't find the answers you need? I'm definitely willing to help! Contact me and we'll talk!

Are you a teacher that has to do a website for school but you have NO idea how to do it? Depending on the job, I'm willing to do your teacher site for you for between $20-$40 depending on what you need! Contact me for more info!


Need some professional music/sound for a project? Do you need a professionally-created video for a presentation or other such reason? With my years of experience as head of Well Dang! Productions, I'm definitely your man! Contact me as soon as you are ready to start discussing the project!

Have a great day!